Cedar Relics

Hi there!


We’re Jacob & Alex Allen, owners of Cedar Relics Photography + Films. There are many things that we are passionate about including, but not limited to the following: our Savior, Jesus Christ + one another + our baby boy, Tucker Luke + our wonderful family + our handsome golden retriever, Ranger + Smith Lake, AL + Saturday drives + Sunday naps + so many more things. Life is good! Lastly, which is likely the reason you're here, we are passionate about capturing moments in life through the lenses of our cameras.

We have been in each others lives for as long as we can remember and we were destined to be together forever because, as they will quickly tell you, our dads "signed the contract" when we were about the age you see in the picture above. 

One day* our eyes just seemingly opened, as we fell deeply in love, began dating, and then became married in the fall of 2015 (*turns out it actually wasn't "one day," but instead, two separate days...many. agonizing. months. apart.)

Now, let us briefly get you up to speed with where our business has come from and where it is today. In 2015, Allie Jo's was born. We had fire in our eyes,  and a list of services provided as long as the Mississippi. Embroidery, photography, furniture re-purposing, wreath making, if you could find it on Pinterest, we'd give it a good ol' college try.

While Alex was honing her photography skills, Jacob's wheels were turning on a new venture. In 2016, we designed a couple of t-shirts, made some custom wooden frames, collaborated with some great local businesses and voila, The Gator Tale Co. was born. Allie Jo's was buried in sawdust and SD cards as Alex Allen Photography and The Gator Tale Co.  became our focus.

Then one day, Alex said to Jacob, "Hey babe, you could so do wedding films." We decided this would be a great time for us to really dial in on exactly what it was that we desired to offer as a business. After much thought and prayer, we concluded that our time and talents were best suited for fulfilling your photography and videography needs.

And that brings us to where we are today: Cedar Relics Photography + Films. We wanted a name with meaning, with significance. A name that intertwined our story with all of the clients' stories that we capture. When Jacob decided to propose, he knew not just any ol' ring box would do. He set out to craft something that would serve as a surviving memorial of something that would pass, (i.e. a relic). So he went to one of his favorite spots on Blackwater River, found the most fragrant, perfect cedar branch he could find, and turned it into a ring box for Alex's engagement ring. Just one smell of that box (our “cedar relic”) takes us back to the day we got engaged and the moments leading up to our wedding day. In the same manner, we hope just one glance at your memories captured by Cedar Relics Photography + Films takes you back to the best memories, the best days, the best moments of your lives…

God Bless,

-Jacob and Alex